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Dozragore 11 months ago
I don’t think so Bah!
Mulmaran 11 months ago
It was so fun! They're dockless electric scooters that are left all over the sidewalks lol, and you can walk up to it and book it with your phone via a scanner. Then you just go. Uber and Lyft have some but there are also independent electric scooters like Byrd and Lime. [Jump is the Uber owned electric scooter and they also make electric bikes]. But when it's 90 degrees outside and you want lunch 8 blocks away, a 15 min trip breaks down to about 8 minutes riding around on them (:. And it only costs about .15/min.
Digis 11 months ago
See y'all tomorrow. Yes, i stupidly said yes to work tomorrow, but off Sunday.

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